It’s a turkey day…

You don't need Thanksgiving!
You don't need Thanksgiving!

A simple “thank-you” is all I have to say. I don’t say it enough. And not nearly, sincerely, enough to make an impact.

So here I am, IMPACTING you with all my thanks.

To the…

* part-time friends who use the revolving, rotating door (you know the old-school kind, made out of wood and glass, with the gold accents…the ones they had in department stores a long, long time ago) to come for a visit and leave for a duration, but always to visit again.

* besties who are there through the high’s and the low’s, but only to laugh (with you, not at you) about it afterwards.

* ex-loves, flings, and crushes that remind you what lust, passion, love, hate, compassion and forgiveness really means.

* family who care, support and encourage you…or even family who don’t do all those things.

* (lastly, but not leastly  ^_^ yes, i know that’s not a real word) the friends, family, and new loves who haven’t yet had the chance to flutter into, dance around, or make a permanent nest in your life.

Because without knowing them…are you really who you are?


One Comment Add yours

  1. I'm So "F" says:

    awe soooo Cute…I *heart* you!!! Bitch!!!

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