Cuppycakes for babycakes!

Now, I’m a long way from having my own children, but I still love them. Their messy hands, their gleeful laughter, their bright little faces. You really don’t realize how precious they are until you see the people in your life give birth to them, see how they change their lives for them, and see how much joy, happiness and sadness they bring.

As a side-note, I guess the same can be said for having younger siblings. This thought was strengthened last night while having a wonderful chat with my brothers. I didn’t realize how much they’ve changed, grown, become men in their own right. And where was I this whole time?? Changing, growing and becoming a woman?? Gosh, I hope so. At any rate, it appears that we’ve all paved our own paths in life and there is still a long, magnificent road ahead of us.

Back to the subject at hand: Today is my bestest bestie’s baby’s birthday…(wow, that was a lot of b’s going on there). And since they are away on another continent for a whole month, I can’t exactly call them, so I’m going to send my birthday hugs and kisses over the internet to the lil’ munch-kin. I cannot wait to see him again, he is too cute for words. You’ll just have to trust me on that one. – XOXO



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Connie says:

    aw!! These cupcakes are cute!! Did you make them???

    1. tellmetoshutup says:

      No, but now you can! ^_~

  2. lynnchenrocks says:

    yes, you really don’t realize how precious they are until one day your own little miracle smiles up at you at.

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