My Way Back Home

“Find My Way Back Home” – Priscilla Ahn

I stretch out my legs to their full length and my feet can just barely be propped up on the muddled metal. My skin, my hair and my features blurring into each other in a kaleidoscope reflection, making me appear almost alien-like.

The summer heat suffuses my skin and I start to sweat where my bare legs touch the vinyl seat. As I blow giant purple grape bubbles, they pop onto my face; covering my nose and sticking to my skin.


As the loud hum of the bus engines signal another stop and go, my body vibrates with the bump-bump-bump of tires going over concrete. My eyes start to drift closed and my muscles go limp as I slump over into the gentle arms that wrap around me. BUMP! I am jolted  awake and large hands scoop me up; high, high into a comfortable nook. My heavy eyelids slowly drift shut again as I am now moving, with a sway-sway-sway of my mother’s footsteps.


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