Thinking of Just a Moment

Ever had those days? Weeks? Months? Years? Or maybe just a mere moment? When everything comes together clearly in your mind and melds into the perfect visual picture.

I find it fascinating.

I say we are ruled by three things: the heart, the brain and the libido.

Falling that deeply for a facade, the imagery and portrayal of a person because I allowed myself to do so, leaves me pondering: Why is it so often that we blindly let our hearts lead us in the direction that our mind knows is going to take us on a drug-induced adventure? Even when we know that the end result is heartbreak? Even when we start out thinking (brain) that we will not succumb to such weaknesses as falling head-over-heels (heart) over a situation that “is what it is” (libido)?

Which one do you live by?

“Thinking of You” – Katy Perry

(Unplugged Version/Original Version)


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  1. dreamskape says:

    I wear my heart on my sleeve all the time, even when the head says NO and the libido says NO even louder, but I still do it … I wish I didn’t.

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