Possibly Outta My Mind, Outta My Heart

Why is it when the going gets sorta good, we get sorta confused?

Why can’t girls be simple? Well…honestly, because it would be way too boring to be so. I admit, as much as the next girl claims that we as a gender are NOT complicated and confusing, we are. BUT so are guys. They may be simple, yes, but sometimes, too simple. So simple that we try to find complexities and depth where there is none. And if you do find one that mirrors your complexities, you may have a serious problem on your hands. In which case, BOLT. There is only room for one complicated bitch in a relationship and it should probably be you.

I’m warring with myself. I know what I want from whom I want it and where I want to be with whom I want to be with. But I’m taking precautions and preparing myself to take flight. Maybe that’s not such a good thing. But maybe it’s a smart thing.

“Satellite Heart” – Anya Marina


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