Birds, Bees, Flowers and Perhaps A Giant Tree

Liquid Shot by Jonas Hovden

In the simplest of situations, I can find the most complexities. In the most complex situations, I can find the simplest solutions. It works for me, but for no one else around me. I usually just give everyone else a giant headache.

It’s emphatically ingrained in my chemical brain powers that I tick this way. At the very least, I can say that I actually use my brain…for the most part. For the other parts of me…well, what can I say? I’m somewhat simple and yet amazingly complex. Figure that one out.

At dinner last night, I definitely brought upon the “doom and gloom” of all the potential pitfalls of poor communication within any kind of relationship. This did not serve me well in my challenge of trying to reassure a friend of the current situation they find themselves trying to work out. I’m terribly sorry. But in my defense, all the complex issues are things one SHOULD think about when trying to sort out such “situations”. BUT if one chooses to believe that “ignorance is bliss” and that unspoken confirmations mean freedom, then by all means, you go ahead and think however  you believe is correct. Who am I to say what is right or wrong for you, or for anyone other than myself?

Having these friendly discussions most definitely got me thinking that despite having tons of fun/drama in a relationship (a.k.a. the birds, the bees and the flowers), sometimes you overlook the GIANT TREE. Yes, that’s right. The GIANT, GIANT TREE. What I mean is, you get so caught up in the complexities of living your life and trying to understand it, that you discount the most obvious thing that allows you to make sense of what living life is. Sometimes the things that you think you need to find, understand, or figure out are glaring right at you. Things DO happen for a reason and maybe that reason is your GIANT TREE. (Ok, if you started laughing at this point…you have a guttermind. Or maybe it’s just me who does.)

And what if, say, a crazy tornado hits? Those tree branches are going to give you a big wake-up slap across the face. What destruction will be left in the aftermath? Can you salvage the tree? Maybe if you realize early enough and intuitively know what steps you need to take to protect your tree, you can most definitely save your tree. You just need to be smart about protecting it. And to add a complexity in there, how do you go about protecting something that is at once strong and sturdy, and yet absolutely fragile? ………My answer: To each their own.

Anyways, enough rambling from me. I heard this song at work yesterday and I couldn’t help but laugh at the lyrics. Absolutely fricken’ awesome. Just what I’m wanting to ask.

“F-ing Boyfriend” – The Bird and the Bee


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