Muddled Water Like Lemonade

Can I take a sip of your drink there?

Yes, that one that you hold in your hand.

A sip of that muddled liquid contained in a clear cylindrical glass.

I see that it is only halfway.

I’m so thirsty and parched, but I know that that lemonade is poisoned. With ill intent and  disastrous longing. It would serve me nothing good to take a sip.

If you but just dropped that glass and it shattered, the liquid that was once contained would spill into a giant splattered puddle. No one would ever know if it was half empty or full. Nor would anyone care. They would just want the big ol’ mess cleaned up.

That is what it feels like to let go. To see all that you desire laid out before you. Unable to scoop it all back together.

But I know that I can pour myself a new glass of muddled lemonade and add my own strawberries. And gorge myself on drink until I am replete and quenched.

Numero Editorial May 2006


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