Jolt Like An Electric Bolt

The wool was pulled over my eyes. I just got a life jolt. A big fat one. It’s not that the intense connection was disconnected. It’s that there was no connection. Someone didn’t pay the electrical bill. Oops, that must have been me.

Keeping faith. It’s hard to do when you realize something that’s been happening for so long finally makes more sense. The superficiality of it has come to the forefront. And alternately, I would like to know that it was real. That I should not be disillusioned because I am listening to so much outside noise. But it’s definitely hard to discredit the hard facts. And it’s funny how you can listen to what someone is saying to you and they can make you believe in something so much. When in fact, in retrospection, in my current revealing moment, I can see it the other way. The twisted words. The unspoken ones. They were twisted and unspoken for a reason. I believed in them. And I want to still. I just don’t know if I am strong enough to do it.

But maybe my words were the ones that were all twisted up and misunderstood?


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