Blip On The Radar

Love should consume and burn through the core of your soul. Why should you feel love only to keep it to yourself? Why keep it safe and protected? Only to have it burn so bright it extinguishes something wonderful and amazing inside you. No. It should be given and taken; depleted in its entirety. Until there is nothing left but a hot passionate heat to be remembered by. And should you be lucky enough, the receiver will in turn grant you the same gift in return. And the blossoming of a new kind of love will unfold…

Love Came Here – Lhasa de Sela

Funny how the heart can swell and expand.

How it flutters and flies.

Pitters and patters.

Loud, louder, until you think it’ll explode…….

And then it just can’t anymore. It just starts to deflate. Right back to the size it’s supposed to be.


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