Fare-thee-well Is Not Forever

I know I talk about feelings and emotions…a lot. It’s one area of my life that I feel confident in writing about. And while talking about all these feelings and emotions are not everyone’s cup of tea, it’s mine. I drink it everyday. They are true and genuine to me. I may not understand them all but I can always count on them to make my life interesting.

Same can be said for great friends. I have many and for each one, I count myself lucky to have them in my life. They come from all walks of life and they all speak a unique language to me. Sometimes they can be grouped together in little sub-groups but generally speaking, my friendships are based solely on one-to-one chats. It’s only then that I can share and learn about another person in detail. I love making new friends. I always discover that behind every book cover, there’s always a whole whack of crazy, wonderful, and incredible little stories waiting to be cracked open and read in minute detail. Sometimes, you have favorite friends and favorite stories. These ones you read again and again. Each time, you notice something new or you may realize what makes them/it so special. It’s a bit like being rich in my own way.

“Billionaire” – Travie McCoy ft. Bruno Mars


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  1. luvtoeat says:

    a lot of people think that once you’ve been a couple, you can never be friends again. soooo not true. if anything, that totally strengthens your friendship because you not only know each other better, but you now know each other in a way that no other “common” friend would know. did that make sense? i know YOU’ll make sense of it 😉

    kudos to you both for being so mature and looking past the relationship part to be friends again. i wish your friend all the best in his adventures to come!

  2. Froi says:

    You have truly been a great friend. When I come back I can’t wait to share my stories. I’m glad we have reached this point in our friendship. Yes others think it’s weird but if you out there ever experienced our friendship, you would understand. It works. I’m rambling on too, must have been something I picked up from you! Anyways I too wish you the best in life, career and for whomever comes into your life whether it will be new friends or that special person behind the next door. Thank you very much for just being you.

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