Can I Have You?

Ah, Vancouver and it’s crazy weather. Strangely enough, after the continuous rain we kept getting last night and into the late morning, it stopped and the sun came out. I wonder if anyone can see any rainbows? I rarely see any here, mostly because it’s always grey and cloudy. Hopefully this winter will prove to not be so gloomy…(yeah right.)

Rain always seems to be a sign of renewal and hope. That once the downpour passes, there awaits something great and new. Something exciting and filled with brilliance. Almost like the a POT OF GOLD…but only if a rainbow appears. I remember riding my bike as a child, up and the down the street with my little brothers. My dad would be mowing the lawn or gardening. And then it would suddenly rain. My dad would herd us inside to play but I used to like just sitting at the window watching the rain come down. Waiting, waiting, waiting for it to pass because I knew that a rainbow would come right after. And sometimes two or three!

So in keeping with that, I’m waiting for the rain to dry and to find a multitude of rainbows. Maybe then, I can find a true treasure? Or I would settle for a mango tree…

“Mango Tree” – Angus and Julia Stone


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  1. lequan says:

    I believe the best things DO come to those who wait. You may be waiting for your pot of gold, but I’m sure you’re that pot of gold for many who have been fortunate to cross your path and have you in their life, including me.

    And for some reason I cannot picture you sitting there waiting patient by the window, you little monkey ;-). Muah!

    1. tellmetoshutup says:

      Awwwww! Thanks G-sis! (That kind of sounds like “Jesus”) LOL Love you too! ❤

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