We’ve Come A Long Way Baby

“There comes a point in your life when you realize:  

Who matters,

Who never did,

Who won’t anymore,

And who always will.

So, don’t worry about people from your past,

there’s a reason why they didn’t make it to your future.”

~ A.L. Gordon

Lately, this is what I’ve been thinking about. People who matter and why certain people come into and leave your life when they do. I truly believe that there is a reason for everything. That there is some higher power or force that manipulates their magical little fingers in the threads of life. They pull taut some threads and slacken on others. It is through those little barriers that we do not meet certain people and through those little holes that we do. Some are allowed to freely enter and some are barricaded out. Is this not fair in some way? Yes. But no one ever said life was fair. In fact, on the contrary, and to that end, we find ourselves being woven into the different fabrics of other people’s lives, as they are into ours.

Sometimes you get woven into rich, exotic, and luxurious fabrics. Lives that are lush and intoxicating. Experiences that take your breath away. That stop you in your tracks and you can’t breath at the sheer beauty of it. Or you are woven into vintage, printed polyester. Where you are taken back to a place that is at once familiar by sight, but not by touch, by smell, or by sound. But where you feel warm and stable, you know what to expect, how to act, and how to feel. Sometimes you are woven into delicate, organic raw fabrics. Where life is fragile and quiet, unfolding in the summer breeze and the sun melts away the worries. And sometimes  it isn’t any of the above but something more rugged and distressed. Where things are hard and heavy; Tough and earthy.

Whatever it may be, we still live, laugh, love, cry, crumble and then we pick ourselves up and do it all over again. When we look closely again at the fabric of our own lives, we see where the different coloured threads are woven in and out of each other, the delicate fibres coming together and we realize that they create a beautiful intricate, distinct pattern that is all our own.


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  1. Froi says:

    Great quote. I like this post. I hope the people you keep around you enrich and add value to your life. I’m certainly cutting the ones that don’t this new year. Anyways, wishing you a good Christmas and that the new year brings many great things for you my friend.

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