Anchor Me

“Anchor” – Mindy Gledhill


Wonderful is the company of long-time friends that come back into your life at just the time that they’re supposed to. When you are seeking answers and a proliferation of them are offered to you on a platter. When they buoy your spirits and make you feel that all hope is not lost. It is through our connections with each other that we can better understand ourselves in our own journey to the joyous wonderment that is life.

In this journey, we oftentimes meet people who come and anchor you. They keep you bobbing in the calm, clear waters. And sometimes you anchor them. You lull them into a quiet peacefulness of insight and a new perspective. And here you will stay for as long as each of you are content to be.

Sometimes though, we cannot be anchored when we long to set sail to our own ships; When we want to become acquainted with something unknown, untouchable, and unfamiliar. The need to be swept away by the tides, by waterfalls, and by wild rapids. And so the drawing up of the anchor is inevitable, so that we may meet each other another day, another month or another year, when we have completed our own grand tour of jubilant delight; When we are ready to be anchored at the dock and wish to be content with the “here and now”, with a vast stretch of water behind us and solid ground in front of us.

Here’s to hoping that the inevitable outcome will happen, just as soon as we are ready to touch dry land.


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