Last Night I Dreamt

Last night I had a dream and it was of you.

I could see you in the front driver seat of your truck. Your smile soft. Your hair full-blown, the likes of which I have never seen before in reality. Yet, so it was in the clarity of my sight. Your shirt collar stark white in contrast to the lion colouring of your hair and the white of your perfect straight teeth. Blue shirt sleeves rolled up along your sun-kissed arms. If I could have smelled the interior of the truck, it would have been coconut shampoo, the warm smell of sunshine and you. I can even guess what song would have been playing on repeat…

As we passed, the slow movement of your actions indicated that you saw me too. It was once too fast and too slow as our eyes met. Your smile blossomed into a grin, as did mine. Your eyes looked away and I shyly waved at you. In a sudden, you came back to me for a brief moment. As we tripped over our words, they floated away before I could grasp any of them; Your physical body blasted away from me like tiny grains of invisible sand before I could ever touch you or feel you close.

Then I saw you with someone new. I turned away before the impact of that could make a dent on my being.

When I awoke, my soul breathed a big loud sigh as I realized that a part of me loved you in that small frame of time we had.

I blew away with you last night, for that’s where I truly yearned to stay and so it shall be in the fading remnants of sleep.


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